Jan Terje Andersen

The tentative title of my talk will be “Design of biologics with better performance”. I will be happy to be part of a career session, and also be part of a discussion regarding research-based innovation.
Jan Terje Andersen is a professor in biomedical innovation at Department of Pharmacology, the Faculty of Medicine at University of Oslo, and a research group leader at Department of Immunology, Oslo University Hospital. He is heading the Laboratory of Adaptive Immunity and Homeostasis, which is studying the cellular processes and molecular interplay underlying the functions of the two most abundant proteins in blood, albumin and IgG. By combining structural and biophysical approaches with cellular and in vivo studies, the laboratory is using this in-depth knowledge to design novel albumin and antibody molecules with improved functions, as part of versatile biomedical technology platforms. The laboratory is highly innovative and is the research group at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital with most registered innovations at the technology transfer office, Inven2. The laboratory is extensively collaborating with biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Jan Terje Andersen has obtained the Fridtjof Nansen Prize for Early Career Achievements, Oslo University Hospital Early Career Award and is a member of The Young Academy of Norway.