Paul Saftig

A tentative title of the talk: Lysosomes in health and disease.
Paul Saftig, Biochemical Institute at the University Kiel is director of the department. He is chairing a group of scientists working at projects aiming to understand the functions of lysosomes and their role in health and disease. There is a focus to decipher the (patho)physiological role of membrane components of the lysosomal compartment. Approved therapies for lysosomal storage disorders including alpha-mannosidosis were developed in the lab. New trafficking routes to the lysosomal compartment were discovered. The role of lysosomal proteins and different types of membrane-associated proteases in more common neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer Disease and Parkinson Disease are addional topics of interest. Dr. Saftig´s work has been presented in about 300 original publications and review articles in highly recognized scientific journals. Dr. Saftig received the highest German Alzheimer Research Award (2011) and the EU-Horizon Impact Award (2019). Dr Saftig has chaired and is still chairing a number of national and European research networks.