Helene Knævelsrud
Leader of the project group “Mapping and disrupting cancer circuits” at Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital — NORWAY
Dr. Helene Knævelsrud leads the project group "Mapping and disrupting cancer circuits" at Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital, working on the cellular garbage-recycling system autophagy. The group is focused on two main goals:
  • to understand how autophagy is switched off in vivo and
  • to unravel mechanisms of autophagy involvement in cancer biology
Dr. Knævelsrud graduated in Cellular Biochemistry from ETH Zürich and obtained her PhD in Biochemistry from the University in Oslo. Under the supervision of Professor Anne Simonsen she studied the role of lipid-binding proteins in autophagy. During a research visit to Professor Tom Neufeld’s lab at the University of Minnesota, she fell in love with fruit flies. Therefore, she pursued postdoctoral research in the lab of Professor Marc Therrien at Université de Montréal working on small GTPases in hematopoietic development, using Drosophila as a model organism. In 2015 Dr. Knævelsrud joined the lab of Professor Jorrit Enserink with her project on a fly leukemia model. She established her own project group in 2020 to work on autophagy termination in physiology and in cancer, especially in renal cell carcinoma. She is deputy leader of AUTORHYTHM, an interdisciplinary environment at the University of Oslo aimed at understanding the role of autophagy in healthy aging. In 2022 Dr. Knævelsrud was awarded an ERC Starting Grant to study how autophagy is turned off and how this is orchestrated at the organism-level. Dr. Knævelsrud has written regularly in national newspapers and presented at multiple popular science fairs. She is an NCMM Young Investigator and elected member of the Young Academy of Norway.