Victor Nizet
Physician-scientist and Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics and Pharmacy at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) — USA
A graduate of Reed College, he completed medical school at Stanford University, Residency and Chief Residency in pediatrics at Harvard University/Boston Children's Hospital, and Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship training at Seattle Children's Hospital. Since joining UCSD in 1997, Nizet has led a large basic and translational research program focused on discovering virulence factors of invasive bacterial pathogens, elucidating mechanisms of host innate immunity and innovative approaches to infectious disease therapy.
Nizet has authored over 500 peer-reviewed publications and has collaborated with many academic labs and biotechnology interests exploring new antibiotics, vaccines and immune-based therapies against drug-resistant pathogens or sepsis. He spearheaded the UC San Diego Collaborative to Halt-Antibiotic Resistant Microbes (CHARM), a campus-wide research and educational initiative focused on science-based solutions to the global antibiotic resistance crisis. Nizet is an elected member of the ASCI, AAP, AAM, and AAAS, and recipient of the UCSD Chancellor's Associate Award for Excellence in Research in Science and Engineering, the E. Mead Johnson Award for Excellence in Research in Pediatrics, and the American Society for Microbiology DC White Award for Interdisciplinary Research and Mentoring.