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Previous events 2014 – 2022

Julemøte29.11.2022Anni VedelerThe lipid-binding protein Annexin A2 in the RNA world
NBS/BBB seminar06.10.2022Henriette AksnesMembrane protein modifications in neurodegenerative disease
NBS Oslo online seminar07.06.2022Ian HicksonThe BRCA2/RAD51 axis is required to protect cells against transcription-replication conflicts
Science and Social06.06.2022Bernd PulvererTransparent publishing and Open Science: how to share reproducible data
Science and Social26.04.2022Charalampos TzoulisNAD replenishment therapy for Parkinson's disease: from the bench to the bedside
Julemøte15.03.2022Anna WargeliusA perspective on potential uses of gene editing in salmon breeding and production
NBS/BBB seminar09.09.2021Fergal O'FarrelUsing drosophila to model cancer development
Science and Social15.06.2021Fergal O'FarrelUsing drosophila to model cancer development
Science and Social26.05.2021Bergithe Eikland OftedalThe chaperonin CCT8 controls proteostasis essential for T cell maturation
Science and Social30.04.2021Birgitte BerentsenYou are what you eat: The brain-gut axis in irritable bowel syndrome
Science and Social17.03.2021Nathalie ReuterBinding of peripheral proteins to membranes: what do molecular simulations teach us?
Science and Social24.02.2021Gro Vatne RøslandBlocking aerobic glycolysis increases therapeutic effect in non-small cell lung cancer cells
Julemøte12.10.2020Rebecca Jane CoxCovid-19 in the community and health care system in Western Norway
Science and Social28.02.2020Evgeny OnishchenkoDecoding the biograpy of cellular structures with quantitative mass-spectrometry
Julemøte18.12.2019Ida Helene SteenLife in deep sea thermal vent systems
Science and Social30.10.2019Karianne FjeldHunting for risk factors
BBB Seminar10.10.2019Douglas LauffenburgerSystems biology analysis of cancer drug resistance and therapeutic combinations: Attentio to tumor extrinsic mechanisms
Science and Social28.05.2019Silke AppelTowards personilized therapy for inflammatory disease
Science and Social04.10.2019Michael DondrupFrom pest to heme trafficking - what can we learn drom sea lice and other parasites
Science and Social20.03.2019Lars HerfindalTargeted therapy and magic bullets in cancer treatment. Does it really work?
Science and Social18.02.2019Marie Holm SolheimA very SHORT story about PI3 kinase
Julemøte12.05.2018Rune KleppeCentre for Digital Life Norway
Science and Social27.11.2018Nils HalbergThe cancer-obesity connection and thoughts on how to start a lab from scratch
Science and Social30.10.2018Illimar Hugo RekandAntibiotic resistance today and tomorrow
Science and Social25.09.2018Gøran DalheimHow do you put together and manage a research group?
Science and Social28.08.2018Magali Van LindenA role for the compartmentalization of cells in NAD-dependent processes
Science and Social22.05.2018Fekadu YadetieToxicogenomics of Atlantic cod
BBB Seminar15.05.2018Greg LenkeTAM Receptors in the brain
Science and Social04.10.2018Gyri Teien HauglandLumpfish - a green superhero?
Julemøte14.12.2017Gro BjergaNew enzymes are key to furture development of the Norwegian bio-based industry
NBS + Tekna Biotek05.03.2017Several speakersOxytocin and open access
Julemøte10.12.2015Rein Aasland og Lisbeth OlsenThe Nobel prize in chemistry 2015 - DNA repair mechanisms
NBS/BBB seminar08.10.2015Ray C. StevensThe incredible diversity of G-protein coupled receptors
NBS/BBB seminar13.05.2015Kai SimonsCell membranes: subcompartmentalization driven by phase separation
BBB Seminar06.02.2015Cristopher M. OverallQuantitative proteomics and systems biology
Julemøte10.12.2014Pål PuntervollETECvac - the hunt for a vaccine candidate