The 52nd NBS contact meeting

NEWS 23.01.16:

Click here to download presentation by NFR, 22.01.16

NEWS 21.01.16
Changes in the program:

23.01.16, MS12, 14:30 New speaker:
Lars Ailo Bongo: “NeLS – Norwegian e-Infrastructure for Life Sciences – overview and recent developments”

NEWS 19.01.16:
Changes in the program:

Plenary lectures
22.1.16, kl 9.00 Plenary 3. The new sporty plenary speaker is Arne Klungland
He will step in for Ilme Schlichting who unfortunately was ill and could not come.

21.1.16; MS02, kl 17.00, will be Owen Hughes (a new time)
22.1.16, MS05, kl 12.00, will be Lorena Arranz (a new time)
23.1.16, MS12, kl 14.30, Boris Simovski is cancelled

 The NBS Contact Meeting will take place down town Tromsø at the new “The Edge Hotel”. We will provide a high quality scientific program with plenary speakers in a wide range of topics, mini sessions, the presence of many exhibitors and poster sessions. The banquette on Saturday will have a live band, and all of this will happen during the Arctic winter and under the beautiful Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights.

Tromsø is situated in beautiful surroundings at almost 70 degrees north, and north of the Arctic Circle. This meeting starts on “soldagen”; a day of celebration of the return of the sun after a two months dark season.

Tromsø is famed for many its many nick names; “the gateway to the Arctic”, “Nordens Paris” and “capital” of Northern Norway. Being the largest city in Northern Norway, Tromsø offers a variety of activities throughout the year, both in the city centre and in the area around. The city centre is located on an island surrounded by mountains, hills, forest and a lot of water. These provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities in all seasons. During the dark winter months, whale watching, skiing and dogsledding are just a few of the possible things you can do to enjoy your stay. And not to mention; Tromsø is famous for being a great place to catch a glimpse of the spectacular Northern Lights. If you instead want to spend your time indoors, the city has museums, theatres, cinemas, shopping centres, restaurants and pubs.

For more information, see Tromsø Tourist Office.

Welcome to the Contact Meeting

We wish you all welcome to the opening of the 52nd NBS contact meeting in Tromsø, Thursday 21.1.2016 at 13:45 by Hanna-Kirsti S. Leiros, organizing committee and Anne Husebekk, Rector at UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Hanna-Kirsti Leiros, Department of Chemistry, UiT; [email protected]

Ole Kristian Greiner-Tollersrud, Department of Medical Biology, UiT; [email protected]

Gry Evjen, Department of Medical Biology, UiT; [email protected]

Tony Christopeit, Department of Chemistry, UiT; [email protected]

Inger Lin Uttakleiv Ræder Department of Chemistry, UiT; [email protected]

Stian Olsen, Department of Arctic and Marine Biology, UiT; [email protected]

Kirsten Krause, Department of Arctic and Marine Biology, UiT; [email protected]

Ronny Helland, Department of Chemistry, UiT; [email protected]