The 53rd NBS contact meeting

Updates and changes
Updates and changes in the program:
– Vincent J. Lynch has unfortunately cancelled in the last minute. However, we are very pleased to announce Eivind Valen as his replacement. Eivind is a young an promising scientist, is currently group leader at the University of Bergen (Department of Informatics) and works on combining computational and experimental biology to understand the regulation of translation. The title of his talk is: “Searching for function in the dark matter of the genome”.

There are some changes to the minisymposium program:

– The talk entitled “Center for Digital Life Norway –Trans-Disciplinary Biotechnology” to be presented 18:45 Friday 19/1 in session 3 “Biotechnology” will be given by Gunnar Dick (not Trygve Brautaset as originally indicated).

– The talk entitled “Regulation of horizontal gene transfer by the conserved response regulator CtrA” by A.B. Westbye in session 8 “Microbiology” 17:15 on Friday 20/1 has been cancelled. The talks following this presentation will thus start 15 minutes earlier:
17:15 Secretion and precision surface display of heterologous proteins in Lactobacillus
Geir Mathiesen
17:30 The seasonal change of the gut mycobiota in honey bee Apis mellifera
Åsmund Andersen

 The 19-22 January 2017, the 53rd contact meeting will be organized at Storefjell Mountain Resort in Gol, Buskerud. The destination is located approximately 3 hours from Oslo and is easily reached by train or bus from Oslo and Bergen. Travelers from Trondheim and Tromsø will have the opportunity to get transport directly from Gardermoen to Storefjell by bus.

We have invited excellent plenary speakers that will inspire you and the minisymposium will as usual give great opportunities for all from master students to established professors to convey their research to the community. Furthermore, the exhibitors will be present with the latest updates on services, consumables and instruments for all fields in life sciences. And last, but not least, the contact meeting will give great opportunities to catch up with old and new colleagues at dinner, in the bar, in the pool, at the disco or in the skiing tracks and slopes.

The contact meeting is an important arena for young scientists to present their work for the first time to the community and to possibly meet their future employers. To make the meeting even more attractive for this group, we have decided to charge only 3000 NOK for MSc and PhD students (everything included, except travel to and from Storefjell)!


Welcome to the Contact Meeting

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. The NBS Contact Meeting 2017 is organized by the Ås-branch of NBS. The committee consists of:

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