NBS avdeling Trondheim arrangerer faglig og sosialt seminar på Le Ski Storlien torsdag 31. mars og fredag 1. april 2011

Informasjon om møtet og påmelding/betaling finnes ved å følge linken:


NBS avd. Trøndelags ”Oppdalsmøte”

Thursday 31. March and Friday 1. April 2011,

Le Ski, Storlien


Thursday 31. March:

10.15: Bus Departure, MTFS, St. Olavs

10.30: Bus Departure, Realfagsbygget, Gløshaugen

12.00-13.45: Arrival, check-in and lunch, Le Ski, Storlien

14.00-17.00: See scientific program

18.00-20.00: Happy-hour with Bio and Pop-Quiz

20.00: Dinner

Friday 1. April:

10.00: Breakfast

10.15-12.00: See scientific Program

12.00-16.00: Lunch, leisure (cross country/ down hill skiing, snow scooter rental, shopping, etc)

16.00: Bus Departure, Le Ski, Storlien

17.30: Arrival Realfagsbygget, Gløshaugen

17.45: Arrival MTFS

Scientific Program

Thursday 31. March

14.00-14.05: Welcome by Per Bruheim, NBS Trøndelag

14.05-14.40: Rahmi Lale, IBT: ”xylS/Pm expression cassette optimisation for chromosomal expression in Escherichia coli”

14.40-15.05: Audun Hanssen-Bauer, IKM: “The base excision scaffolding factor X-ray repair cross-complementing protein 1!”

15.05-15.30: Hans Fredrik Kvitvang, IBT: ”Quantitative Metabolite Profiling with GC-MS/MS”

15.30-16.00: Coffee break

16.00-16.30: Harald Husebye, IKM: “The small GTPase Rab11a is involved in LPS induced IFN production”

16.30-17.00: Guro S. Stødle and Line H. Tangerås, IKM: “Placental Immunity; the role of Pattern Recognition Receptors in Trophoblasts”

Friday 1. April

10.15-10.45: Marius Eidsaa, IBT: “Analysis of genetic networks from human and mouse”

10.45-11. 15: Kristine Pettersen, HiST/ LBK “Autophagy as a target for disease prevention and therapy”

11.15-11.35: Tore Brembu, IBI: Title to be announced

11.35-11.55: Gaute Brede, IKM: Title to be announced

11.55-12.00: Closing remarks