Associate professor in Food Science – 17/02525

The Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science (KBM) has a vacant permanent position as associate professor in food science. The candidate to be employed should be an expert in food chemistry and health effects of food.
We are looking for a candidate with deep knowledge and understanding of food chemistry, including how the food matrix and process-induced changes of raw materials and ingredients affect nutritional value, bioactivity and the content of health-promoting compounds.

The Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science (KBM) employs about 160 people. KBM represents a broad range of scientific fields encompassing basic natural sciences such as chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology as well as the application of these towards food chemistry, technology and safety, biotechnology, bioprocessing and environmental issues. The Faculty is responsible for education, research and information within its remit. The Faculty has state-of-the-art analytical instruments and a small-scale pilot plant for processing of food. Additionally, KBM has a strong competence in enzymology, fermentation and biorefining.

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