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Stipendiatstilling ved Avdeling for genetikk og bioinformatikk på Folkehelseinstituttet i Oslo

Det er lyst ut en stipendiatstilling ved Avdeling for genetikk og bioinformatikk på Folkehelseinstituttet i Oslo. Lenken til stillingen på Finn.no – https://www.finn.no/job/fulltime/ad.html?finnkode=154693597. Stillingen er tiltenkt en ferdigeksaminert student med mastergrad i enten statistikk, biostatistikk, bioinformatikk eller tilsvarende.

Postdoktor i reproduksjonsbiologi

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Researcher position in Translational Cancer Research

About the position

UiT, The Arctic University of Norway, Faculty of Health Sciences, has a 100 % Research position available for three years, vacant from August 2019. The position is connected to Department of Clinical Medicine, the Molecular Inflammation Research Group (MIRG) and the project Radiotherapy-Immunotherapy combinations for lung cancer, led by Professor Iñigo Martinez and Dr. Turid Hellevik. The Martinez laboratory focus its research on deciphering the role played by tumor stromal cells in regulating tumor responses to radiotherapy and immunotherapy.

Ny utgave av NBS-Nytt – Nr. 2/2019

Se NBS-Nytt online. Er ikke du medlem? Bli medlem du også!

3rd Open Conference of Functional Metagenomics International, June 16-19, 2019, Trondheim, Norway

Visit for more details – www.fmg2019.net

Workshop – Towards In Silico-Guided Clinical Trials In Cancer, May 15-16, 2019 OSLO

Funded by:

Confirmed speakers

  • Robert A Gatenby Moffitt Cancer Center, USA
  • Ivo Gut Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain
  • Olga Troyanska Princeton University, USA
  • Peter Van Loo The Francis Crick Institute, UK
  • Sampsa Hauptaniemi University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Gyan Bhanot Rutgers University, USA
  • Wenyi Wang MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
  • Haralampos Hatzikirou Helmholtz Center, Germany
  • Dominique Barbolosi Aix Marseille University, France
  • Francesca Buffa University of Oxford, UK

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2nd FEBS Advanced Lecture Course on Oncometabolism, 1-6 September, 2019, Luso, Portugal

Dear Colleague,

We are delighted to invite the members of your scientific Society to the second edition of the “FEBS Advanced Lecture Course on Oncometabolism: From Conceptual Knowledge to Clinical Applications”, which will be held in Luso, Portugal, on 1-6 September, 2019. As such, we would appreciate if you could announce this course through your Society´s mailing list.

Following the success of its first edition, described by several participants as “the best course ever!!”,  the “2nd FEBS Advanced Lecture Course on Oncometabolism: From Conceptual Knowledge to Clinical Applications” will cover a wide range of topics, from basic knowledge to clinical applications. Although the focus of the course is on oncometabolism, there will also be lectures on other areas of cancer research, as well as lectures on metabolic regulation, metabolism imaging and metabolomics. In addition, there will be tutorials on fluorescence microscopy, statistics and modelling. By combining tutorials with lectures on the latest developments in the field, it will benefit both young and experienced scientists.

This 2nd edition maintains all features that made the 1st edition so acclaimed, such as outstanding speakers, a generous number of meeting bursaries for abstract-submitting early-career scientists, a small size (limited to 100 participants), a participant versus speaker rate of 5:1, and extensive opportunities for networking with other participants, invited speakers, and sponsors (namely, during leisurely meals and the two trips included in the social programme). Importantly, the programme of this 2nd edition provides participants with even more opportunities for presenting and discussing their own work: all poster sessions will be preceded by flash poster presentations, and some participants will be invited to give short talks. Among other novel features are a “Speed Dating with the Experts” session, which will be an excellent opportunity to ask questions and establish new professional relationships, and the possibility to co-chair a session with an invited speaker. It will be held in the thermal town of Luso, Portugal, on the hillside of the Buçaco mountain range.
We are looking forward to personally welcoming members of your Society in Luso to participate in this exciting course!

We are looking forward to personally welcoming members of your Society in Luso to participate in this exciting course!

On behalf of the organizing committee,
Jorge Guiomar

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Nye delegater til flere FEBS-komiteer | Frist 20. mars 2019

Det trengs nye delegater til flere FEBS-komiteer:

  • Executive Committee (6 posisjoner til valg/gjenvalg på FEBS Assembly i juli)
  • Advanced Courses Committee (6)
  • Education Committee (3)
  • Fellowships Committee (5)
  • Finance Committee (2)
  • Science and Society Committee (1)
  • Working Group on Integration (1)
  • Working Group on Women in Science (1)

Alle som er interessert i å gjøre en innsats for FEBS og NBS, eller kjenner noen som er det, bes kontakte generalsekretæren ([email protected]). Fristen for nominering av kandidater til disse stillingene er 20. mars, så ta kontakt i god tid før dette!